Slim Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser


  • Dispenses a fresh, clean towel every time - hygienic, no cross contamination
  • Large capacity - "Maxi" will hold up to a massive 500 sheets
  • A number of different unit sizes - to suit all sizes of restroom and work areas, from the smallest to the largest
  • Available with stopper to prevent overpacking  for easy towel release every time
  • 2 different multifold models available 720 and 730 - see table below to compare towel specifications
  • These units take a towel with a larger folded depth, as shown on the table below
  • Both units are available with a center divider for use with half width towels - unseful in service stations, kindergartens, hospitals etc

Other models:


Model Number Folded Towel Depth Approx Capacity
MiniSlim 720MST 8.5cm (3.37") 350 Sheets
MaxiSlim 730XST 8.5cm (3.37") 500 Sheets
720Mst (1)

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Model 720MST


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Model 730XST

Product ID Height Width Depth Units/container
720MST 280mm / 11.02" 280mm / 11.02" 110mm / 4.33" 3000
730XST 400mm / 15.75" 280mm / 11.02" 110mm / 4.33" 2300